Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top 5 parts of the Eco-Systems Theory

A theory that is sure to show up on the social work exam is one of our field's foundations, Bronfenbrenner's eco-system theory (1979). Social Work is based on meeting someone exactly where they are and start to help from there. Since nobody exists in a vacuum, we have to evaluate the five environmental systems in which a person interacts.

The top 5 parts to memorize for the SW exam are below:

1) Individual: The center of the circles is the individual which includes the persons sex, age, health, etc...
2) Microsystem: The groups and organizations that directly influence a person including school, religious affiliations, school, friends, etc...
3) Mesosystem: Relationships and connections between microsystems such as the experience in school or peer interactions.
4) Exosystem: Influences of mass media, organizational culture at work, local politics.
5) Macrosystem: Cultural context of society in which individual lives including socioeconomic status, ethnicity,values of cultural group.

It's important to keep in mind that a system that ties all of these 5 parts together is the chronosystem in which life transitions and events should be taken into consideration.

For more info on this theory click here

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