Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The 6 Core Values of Social Work to Remember for the Social Work Exam

According to the NASW Social Work Code of Ethics, the 6 core values of social work are:

1. Service- to provide help, resources,  and benefits to help people achieve maximum potential
2. Social Justice- to uphold equal rights, protection, opportunity, social benefits to everyone
3. Dignity and worth- every person is unique and worthwhile
4. Importance of human relationships- to value the exchange between social worker and client
5. Integrity-maintain trustworthiness 
6. Competence-practice within the scope of known skills and abilities

They really are such beautiful values for a profession, don't you think?
Don't forget to be proud of choosing such a helpful and worthwhile profession and make sure to study up on the Code of Ethics found here.


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