Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Signs of Child Sexual Abuse found on Social Work Exam

One way to improve your chances of beating the social work exam is to ensure that you are aware of child sexual abuse indicators. 

Here is a list of possible signs:
  • Child may inadvertently talk about sexual related topics
  • Child may deliberately draw sexually related pictures
  • Child may interact in a sexual nature with others and/or with animals or toys
  • Child may excessively masturbate 
  • Child may refuse to be left alone
  • Child may display enuresis and/ or encopresis
  • Child may fear alleged offender or fear specific gender
  • Young boys may set fires or be cruel to animals
  • Child may exhibit role reversal in the family
  • Child may have sleep disturbances
  • Older children are not as overt with signs of abuse but some girls may be sexually promiscuous, sexually victimized by peers, and/or may enter into prostitution
  • Older children may have eating disorders or practice self-mutilation
  • Older children may run away, and/or engage in criminal activity
  • Older children may abuse substances
  • Older children may get depressed or socially withdraw
  • Children of all ages may exhibit problems relating to peers, school difficulties and sudden noticeable changes in behavior
For more information check out the US Child Welfare Site

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