Monday, January 20, 2014

What Would a Social Worker Do?

Please review the following scenario and think about what the BEST course of action would be as a Social Worker:

It's a balmy Monday morning in the public health clinic where you work. A new client comes into your office for an intake for therapeutic services. The client appears to be disheveled, has a large infected cut on her left leg, and is wearing dirty wet clothing. She stated that she hasn't been sleeping due to the horrible pain in her leg. Her main reason for coming to therapy is that she would like to get help for her abusive childhood.

A) Go straight into discussing her upbringing and the first time she was abused
B) Begin the intake assessment questions
C) Immediately encourage her to seek medical attention for her leg
D) Tell her that you can't help her at this time

The correct answer would be C. It's important to always address the most pressing issue first before moving forward. She has an apparent medical condition/crisis that must be addressed.

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