Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Procrastination and The Stages of Change

Studying for the exam is not an easy task, it takes motivation and, of course, the willingness to STOP PROCRASTINATING. 

Wait ... What does this sound like? Oh, I know! The Stages of Change Model by DiClemente and Prochaska.

Right now, if you aren't ready to start studying than you're in the Pre-contemplation Stage. You have no idea why it would be a problem to not study. Like, who cares? Right?

After a bit of time and maybe a few google searches regarding the exam, you move to the Contemplation Stage. You're beginning to realize that not studying might not be helpful for you in the future but you still have a ton of other things to do/excuses. So, you'll just think about it.

Next you begin talking to other social work friends and tell them that, "I'm totally going to start studying sometime soon!" This is the Preparation Stage. You are ready to start but haven't acted on it yet.

Suddenly, you find yourself gathering books, studying online at Social Work Test Prep, and having a fun time learning again. This is the Action Stage and congrats, you reading this blog right now is an excellent example. 

Now, the most difficult part, to maintain this new studying behavior! This stage is called the Maintenance stage where you continue studying.

The next step is the Termination Stage, where you continue to study and don't return to procrastinating until of course, you've passed the exam! Then you've really succeeded!


Prochaska's Stages of Change:


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