Thursday, January 23, 2014

Using your Imagination to Memorize

What type of learner are you? I know that it helps me to learn through color coding, practicing actual exams at SWTP and of course using my childish imagination to put things to memory. Here are a few examples of how I memorized psych vocabulary words found on the SW Exam:

Tardive dyskinesia-

I totally think of tartar on your teeth and then that reminds me of the involuntary mouth, face, and tongue movements I've seen with clients taking anti-psychotics. 


I remember this by thinking of this odd picture I drew of a teen pointing and saying, "OMG, that's totes a new logicool idea". They made up the word logicool but others don't understand just as some clients suffering with psychosis will make up words that have meaning to them but not to others.

Do you have any strange ways of remembering "new logicool" vocabulary words? If so, please share!

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