Thursday, February 27, 2014

Freud's Psychosexual Stages as listed on the Social Work Exam

We all remember good ol' Freud and his psychosexual stages, right? 
Well, here is a visual way to remember:

The Oral stage is from birth to age One. The baby learns to suck (a bottle, breast or pacifier) and develops healthy oral habits. If these habits don't develop it is said that an adult will bite their nails or over eat or smoke later in life, etc..

The Anal stage is from age 1-3 and it is when toddlers learn how to hold and release their urine and feces. They learn to move away from diapers by using the toilet. The way they are taught this important step can cause an adult to be normal or either too orderly or messy.

The Phallic stage which is from ages 3-6. At this stage, is it said, that preschoolers develop oedipus and electra conflicts (sexual desire for boys to mother and girls to father). This causes the child to take on characteristics of the same-sex parent. The children will suppress this desire to not scare away the opposite sex parent and thus the superego is formed.

The Latency stage starts at 6 and end at age 11. During this stage the sexual instincts hide away  and a child learns new social values with peers (slumber party).

The Genital stage starts in adolescence and extends through adulthood. The phallic stage reappears and if the earlier stages were developed successfully than this will lead to marriage and mature sexuality.

Don't let this question get you on the social work exam! Remember these visuals and click here to read more about each stage.

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